The Popcorn Cannery

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Officially born in November of 1981, The Popcorn Cannery operated long before it had its own building on 7th Street.

George Buffett (1928-2012) started Buffett's Candies in 1956 and one of the first products offered was his caramel corn.

He was able to offer his caramel corn because in addition to the candy business, he also started a concessionaire business so he already had the kettles to make the popcorn.

Instead of buying pre-popped corn to mix into his buttery caramel creation, he brought his kettles into the candy store and filled the kitchen with the aroma of fresh popped corn.

The Popcorn Cannery

Being able to control which corn and oil is used to make the popcorn makes a huge difference in the taste of the product.

For a number of years, Buffett's Candies only sold caramel corn and regular popcorn.

The next flavors introduced were Cinnamon and Butter Rum.

Once George decided to expand his flavor offerings, the popcorn sales outgrew the building.

Around that same time, the building next to his concessionaire wholesale distribution business (B&H Wholesale) came up for sale and after quite a bit of remodeling to accommodate a kitchen with a 6 kettle popping line as well as a showroom, The Popcorn Cannery at 1727 7th Street NW was born.